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astm aashto plate finger expansion joints for bridge deck

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We can supply you need astm aashto plate finger expansion joints for bridge deck.

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and installation of bridge expansion joint systems. Because of this con- stant drive to improve, there is a wide selection of systems, materials and proach pavement and the bridge deck. Wabo The system combines the use of a traffic bearing plate with Bridge Design Standards Supplement to the ODOT Bridge Superstructure steel generally shall be ASTM A709 grade 50, including curb plates, expansion joint armor and anchors. Curb plates shall be galvanized or metalized. Expansion joint armor shall be metalized in accordance with ODOT standard drawings. All


minimum, all AASHTO requirements will be followed. r. Provide test data and reports indicating the joint type, including all structural details, has been tested for compliance with NCHRP 402 Fatigue Design of Modular Bridge Expansion Joints. Provide certification Deck Joints and Bearings - AlbertaDeck Joints and Bearings 24 Finger Plate Joint with Broken Welds and Gap Under Fingers Technical Standards Branch Class A Bridge Inspection Course BIM Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Deck Joints and Bearings 25 Unmatched Finger Plate Joint, Snow Plow Guards & Plug Welded Fingers Technical Standards Branch Dornsife, R.J. Expansion Joints. Bridge Engineering Two overlapping steel plates are attached to the bridge deck, one on each side of the expansion joint opening. They are generally installed so that the top surfaces of the plates are ush with the top of the bridge deck. The plates are generally bolted to timber deck panels or embedded with steel anchorages into a concrete deck.

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To withstand the demanding requirements of bridge/highway installations, all Delastic ® Preformed Compression Seals are extruded from neoprene (polycholoroprene) compounds which satisfy the ASTM standard specification D3542 for Preformed Polychloroprene Elastic Joint Seals for Bridges. In addition to highway and bridge applications, Delastic ® Neoprene Compression Seals have also been used in GENERAL NOTES:NOTE:TWO TUBE BRIDGE RAIL Bridge Abutment Bridge Deck Expansion Joint Expansion Joint in rail 5!0 End TWO TUBE BRIDGE RAIL ELEVATION A B AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, 7th Edition 2014. shall be ASTM A500 Grade B. Anchor plates, posts and other structural steel shall conform to ASTM A36 unless noted otherwise. All anchor bolts, studs, nuts and washers High Quality Vietnamese Finger Expansion Joint by Vinh Buy high quality High Quality Vietnamese Finger Expansion Joint by Vinh Hung Tcc Jsc.. Supplier from Viet Nam. Product Id 1136406.

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Feb 02, 2010 · TEST METHOD OF BRIDGE BEARING:Hardness:ASTM D 2240 Tensile:ASTM D 412 Elongation:ASTM D 412 Heat Resistance:ASTM D 573 Compression Set ASTM D 395 Ozone ASTM D 1149 Low Temperature Brittleness ASTM D 746 Instantaneous Thermal Stiffening ASTM D 1043 STANDARDS:ASTM D 4014-03:Specification for Plain and Steel-Laminated Elastomeric Bearings SECTION 14:JOINTS AND BEARINGS 14-114.4.6 Finger Joints Finger joints can be used to accommodate moderate to high movement ranges. Finger joints can also accommodate minor rotations and vertical displacements across the joint. Finger joints are fabricated from steel plate, with the fingers sized to maintain minimum spacing and to minimize live load deflections. STRIP SEAL DECK JOINTS BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION plate surface. steel rails shall conform to aashto m270, grade 36 or 50. plates, shapes and other structural steel material used in the deck joint system with the steel rails shall conform to aashto m183. bcd-507-1.1 bcd-507-1.2 bcd-507-1.4 bcd-507-1.3 bcd-507-1.5 bcd-507-1 bridge construction details strip seal deck joints n.t.s. parapet plan for skews 30^

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VHF finger expansion joints made by Vinh Hung Investment and Production Co., Ltd (VinhHung IP), include 2 types:Cantilever VHF-C and over-gap VHF-O, according to: AASHTO LRFD standards ASTM D 3542 92 (2003) standards Special Specification 4005:Modular Bridge Joint Systemrequirements of ASTM D 4894 or D 4895 and other requirements of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications. 3.4. High-Strength, Nonshrink Grout. Use high-strength nonshrink grout to fill the gap, when less than 3 in., below the bottom of the expansion joints support boxes. Provide 5,000 psi minimum compressive strength. 3.5. Concrete. Steel Sliding Plate Finger expansion joints of bridge Finger/comb/teeth type expansion joints in bridges contains steel edge profiles, featuring connection surfaces for deck waterproofing membranes, which are connected to the bridge deck by anchor loops. Finger Joints are cantilevered or simply supported steel tooth expansion joints. They are composed of pairs of independent elements with parallel teeth provided in lengths from 3 feet to full roadway


Finger joints generally are used for expansion joints larger than those that can be accommodated by strip seals. Approval of the supervising Unit Leader is required for finger joints designed for longitudinal bridge deck movements greater than 10 inches. Analysis and design [AASHTO-LRFD 3.4.1,,,] TABLE OF SEALED EXPANSION JOINT INFORMATIONELEVATION OF ARMOR PLATE (ASTM-A36) 2 x 4 PL 1 (ASTM-A36) 2 x 4 PL 1 4" 1 4" 1 " 4 1 SEALED EXPANSION JOINT TYPE A WITHOUT OVERLAY SEJ-A 9 9 bar plate and End armor (ASTM-A36) 4 x 1 2 Bar 1 12 11 12 continuous under barrier Armor plate and joint seal installation after joint system Cast or install barrier continuous under barrier Armor plate Watson Bowman Acme Bridge Maintenance and PreservationJun 27, 2019 · Expansion joints are a critical link to the sustainability of a bridge structure. Effects of improper system selection will severely weaken the integrity of a bridge. WBA continues to enhance and improve the performance, preservation adn installation of bridge and highway joint systems.

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This guide was developed by the Bridge Deck Chloride Testing Working Group as part of the Bridge Preservation Partnership under the AASHTO TSP-2 Program. The working group was composed of members from the 4 regional partnerships which have contributions from Industry, Academia, FHWA and State Department of Transportation members.

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We can supply you need astm aashto plate finger expansion joints for bridge deck.